🦹Character Introduction


1. Melee Occupation——Warrior

Carrying a large sword, physically strong, good at close combat and pulling each other together, they are the main vanguard of the team. Gutsy is good at using physical attacks to inflict damage on hostile targets. To face Gutsy, you will need to improve your own physical armor to fight against them.

2. Remote Occupation——Maskman

Armed with a variety of guns and ammunition, with outstanding eyesight and concealment abilities, the gunman has the skill to inflict a fatal blow on an enemy at a critical moment. Gunmen are more adept at using blast attacks to inflict damage on hostile targets. When facing a gunman, you need to increase your blast armor to fight against him.

3. Remote Occupation——Invoker

The Magic Guide uses the back of the conduction core to absorb the surrounding natural energy. They use the conduction cane in different ways to cast a variety of energy attacks. They are especially good at dealing with a variety of unexpected situations, and are usually the brains of the team. Magic guides are good at using energy attacks to cause damage to hostile targets. Facing the magic guide, you need to improve your own energy armor to fight with.

More characters such as Knight, Ranger and Mechanician will be opened for players to experience later.

Character Level

Players can gain experience by completing missions issued by the captain and other management members or by completing random missions. These can be found in unknown items in the wilderness, or by hunting monsters. The experience gained can raise the player's level. The higher the level, the more powerful the player's attribute ability is and the higher the level of equipment that can be worn.

Combat Attributes

In addition to physical attacks, blast attacks and energy attacks, players can also learn elemental attacks unique to the Kepler world. These include; fire attacks, ice attacks, thunder attacks and poison attacks. This ability can be activated when players acquire certain equipment with additional elemental attack attributes during adventures. This can make the player more proficient at combat.

  • Fire attacks will cause a burning effect on the enemy. Flame will burn the enemy and causes continuous damage on non-biological and biological enemies.

  • Ice attribute attacks cause a freezing effect on enemies. It can slow down or freeze the enemy, which can make fighting enemies easier.

  • Thunder attacks cause a paralyzing effect on enemies. These restrict and interrupt the enemy's movement.

  • Poison attribute attack will cause a poisoning effect on the enemy. Poisoning will cause the enemy to enter an abnormal state. Poisoning states can be stacked, which for biological enemies will have a strange effect.

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