๐ŸŽ’Item Introduction

Equipment is a necessary item for players to fight, and the positive or negative attributes of equipment determines the strength of players' fighting ability. Players can hunt various monsters on the planet Kepler or complete various tasks in the game to get the right equipment for themselves. The stronger the monster they hunt, the more advanced and rare the tasks they must complete and the higher the chance of earning high level and high quality equipment.

The quality of equipment in Kepler is divided into 4 levels, common, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the quality of the equipment, the more attributes it will have and the greater the value of the attribute will be, thus making the equipment powerful as well.

Players can change the attributes of their own equipment and improve their combat power through refining. The process of refining requires the consumption of refining stones and game coins. These can be obtained by killing monsters or purchased through the in-game store with game coins.

Equipment runestones. Players can punch holes in their own equipment and set equipment runestones into them to enhance the properties of their equipment. Equipment runestones can be purchased on the web platform by consuming master coins.

In addition, perforation stones for equipment, and dismounting stones for rune unloading can be obtained from in-game monster hunting, or through store purchases.


There are various types of supplies in the game, such as different levels of HP recovery goods, SP recovery goods, and experience to increase potions, etc., All these supplies can help players solve the various difficulties encountered in the adventure process.

Resources items

Players can obtain unique minerals and fish from the planet Kepler through mining, hunting, logging, gas collection, etc. These can be used for facility construction, equipment and item building, inter-player collection and commemoration, etc.

Appearance items

Players can improve their character's performance in Kepler Planet by acquiring appearance-based items such as fashions, mounts, and pets to attract the attention of other players.

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