🧩Background Setting

1. Project “Adam”

In 2113, the Earth's resources are being depleted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the human race has less than a hundred years left to survive on Earth, so escaping from Earth and flying to outer space has become the only hope for human survival. The "Adam Project" was born in this context.

After the failure of the first Adam Project due to problems with the "atmospheric environment generation equipment", and all teams lost of the second Adam program, in 2170, the third Adam project launched, with the destination of the Kepler Galaxy.

2. Interstellar Spaceship——Titania

The Titania is one of the second generation starships, which combines the best technologies of major consortia and is manufactured by fusion. In the Third Adam Project, Titania, as the mother ship, will be joined by the cruisers Zeus I, Zeus II, destroyers Hades I, Hades II, Hades III, Hades IV, frigate "Poseidon" and supply ship "Hera" will go to the target planet “Kepler-22b".

After six months of travel, the Titania fleet finally approached its destination, Kepler-22b. The advanced units, Zeus I, Zeus II, Hades I, and Hades II, would first land on Kepler-22b to explore and set up a base. During the landing process, the advance party was disturbed by the ion storm of Kepler-22b and the formation was scattered, each ship was forced to land in a different area.

3. Spring Action

The player is a member of the Zeus II fleet, and after a forced landing in the wilderness, contact with the mothership Titania is restored, but the signal is unstable and often disconnected, and fleet scientists assess that it may be related to the ion storm that the advance team encountered during landing.

The Titanian Fleet senior management immediately developed the "Spring Action" plan, which allowed the four advance team members who had already landed to complete three mission objectives before the mothership ran out of supplies, i.e., within three years:

(1) Attempt to build a stable signal transmission point.

(2) Rendezvous with other advanced team members who had already landed on Kepler-22b.

(3) Find a way to make the mothership members and other secondary ships land safely. During the operation, the mother ship and other secondary ships can provide breathable air and space support.

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