Gameplay Introduction


P2E, or Play to earn, offers more characters to choose from than the F2P mode. Players can pay KEPL tokens to unlock characters, unlock levels, and have a full gaming experience in P2E mode to better execute characters and survive in the game world.


In the Kepler planet, the environment is complex and diverse, you need to always look out for the changes in the environment. Staying aware of these will help your survival. There are many PVE gameplay, such as tasks, fighting monsters, mining, fishing, etc. Through these activities players can obtain a variety of supplies in the game.


Your journey to Kepler is full of unknowns. No one knows if you can survive the next few days let alone years. There’s no need to pity others, you must strive to fight for resources to ensure your survival. If you encounter others on the way, please fight back decisively. In the Kepler game, players can open PK mode in the big world scene to compete with other teams of players for resources.


Kepler offers a number of in-game replicas for players to explore solo or in groups. The quests and bosses in these replicas will bring better playability and continuity to the game, and there is a chance of getting rarer equipment and items after completing a quest or killing a boss.

Land interests

Each territory will be divided into multiple regions, and players can purchase these to gain ownership of these regions. Once ownership of a region is gained, all NFT items produced in that region will be marked with the region owner's mark, and the region owner will receive a portion of the benefits during the NFT trade.

Monster Rights

Every time a new species is explored, as a reward players can buy to gain ownership of Kepler's species. Once ownership of a species is gained, the NFT produced by that species, will be marked with the species owner's mark. The species owner will gain a portion of the benefits during the NFT trade.

Game Social

1. Chat system:

Players can chat freely with other players in the game. They can arrange teaming up to fight monsters, attacking copies together, or even asking for a team competition.

2. Friend system:

Allow players to add other players as friends to other players. The friends they have added will be saved in their friend list. They can then communicate with their friends online at any time.

3. Guild System:

Groups of like-minded players can form a union and work together to complete difficult tasks such as killing world bosses and completing guild missions.