๐Ÿ‘นMonster Introduction

Planet native monsters

The monsters that live in the rainforest and desert areas of the planet are originally very docile creatures, even if they come close, but for some reason, they have recently started to attack people who come near. The reason is not yet clear. The main species are the ocular-wolf, the oushyna and the spinlizard.

Creatures that inhabit rainforests have weaknesses to fire and thunder attributes.

Creatures that inhabit the desert have weaknesses to ice and poison.

Mecha Monsters

Scattered around the planet are AI defense machines. These are found in a variety of ruins and desert resources near the area. When unknown objects are close by they will automatically attack.

For all mechanical creatures their weakness is the thunder attribute.The main species are gladiators, tracers, hell rakers, etc.

The mecha monsters are all mechanical creatures with a weakness attribute of lightning.

There are other types of monsters to be discovered in the game.

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