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Character Setting

1. Captain of Zeus II - Rosen Armstrong

In 2130, at the age of 8, he witnessed on television what happened to his father, David Armstrong, a member of Starfleet, while on Mars. Since then, he has become a member of a group that aspires to explore the universe and dream of creating a human foothold on an extraterrestrial planet. In 2160, he became the captain of the Titanian fleet cruiser: Zeus II, and in 2170, he participated in the Third Adam project, guiding the mother ship Titanian to the destination Kepler-22b. After the forced landing of Kepler-22b, he became the commander of the Zeus II fleet, and was responsible for all command operations of the Zeus II fleet.

2. Zeus II adventure team leader - Walter Ash (Volt Ash)

36 years old, male, proficient in a variety of combat and survival skills is the player's mentor on the adventure.

3. Zeus II adventure medical team leader - Diana Ivara

25 years old, female, has extensive medical experience and can treat seriously injured adventurers and provide basic medical supplies.

4. Zeus II Logistics Materiel Manager - Richard Chris

32, male, manages the weaponry, and other support supplies for the Zeus II battleship.

5. Players

A member of the Zeus II adventure team, will set out on a mission to carry out "Spring Action" at the forced landing site of Zeus II, a thrilling exploration and adventure in Kepler-22b for the future of humanity.