Scene Introduction

1. Zeus II forced landing camp – Deep Green Jungle

Located south-west of the center of the Kepler continent, the vegetation is dominated by tropical rainforests. Unlike the rainforests on Earth, the rainforests here are more exotic, with tall trees with twisted trunks and extensive canopy cover, and shrubs with huge leaves, some of which glow at night. The jungle is infested with a variety of exotic beasts that sneak in and attack hard.
The site of the forced landing of the Zeus II is somewhere in the deep green jungle. This is where the fleet members set up their initial camp and where the adventure team's path to open up will begin. The first step in the Spring Act was to clear the vicinity of the camp of threats, secure it and open up paths to other locations.
With the Junction Mountains and the Southern Rift Valley to the west, the mountains to the east, and the complex vegetation and terrain to the south, it looked like it was going to be dangerous, so the leader of the expedition decided to explore to the north and at the same time send a small force to the south to scout for possibilities of expansion to the south.

2. The Great Plain

To the north of the deep green jungle, through the valley formed by Junction Hill and Giant Tree Hill, is the Great Plain. It’s overgrown, rocky and exposed, with wide vistas and possible dangers hidden in the rocks and in the undergrowth. The northern and western edges of the Great Plains are blocked by the Great Northern Rift Valley, and expeditions from the bush to this point are temporarily unable to continue deeper to the north and west than through the gorge to the Golden Desert to the east.
There will be traces of past disasters on the Great Plains, and a scattering of cyborgs will be active. It is here that Earthlings will gain their first information on the Byma civilization.

3. Golden Desert

The Golden Desert is encircled by three mountain ranges, the western gorge linking the Great Plains, the eastern opening controlled by the Byma civilization, which prevents exploration. Only the southern opening offers a viable entry which leads to the Gobi Terraces, a typical inland desert. This arrid terrain is dry all year round and vegetation is sparse. There are cyborgs operating here, and it is here that the adventuring party will have their first official encounter with the Byma civilization.
The desert contains the remains of past civilizations, the skeletons of giant creatures and a few rare oases that are being used as staging posts by adventurous teams of explorers, slowly unraveling the mysteries of planet Kepler-22b as they clear the dangers.

4. Monster Lair

During the adventures, players will encounter the lairs of some powerful creatures. Players need to team up with other online players and cooperate with each other to conquer the more difficult creatures to earn rare equipment and items.

5. Follow-up scenes

Subsequent scenes of the Northern Rift, Southern Rift and Junction Mountain will await further exploration by players ……