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2023 Q1-Q2
  • Increase the deployment of Kepler Daap to the Arbitrum ecosystem and carry out large-scale publicity
  • Complete the Development of further instance zones of the game
  • Updated game character prototype settings and new game occupations
  • Increase game combat details and combat effects
  • Complete the game PvP combat system design, matching system, numerical design
  • Add new monster characters and dungeon tasks to the game
  • Improve and optimize the computer configuration requirements of the game engine
  • Planning the open world land gameplay of the Kepler game
  • Complete the Arbitrum ecological Passport issuance plan
  • Complete the first batch of NFT sales (game set)
  • Completed the second batch of NFT sales (game fashion)
  • In-Game NFT Brand Partnerships

2023 Q3-Q4

  • Recruitment of volunteers for in-game testing and the start of in-game testing
  • Complete the development of the first instance zone of the game
  • The start of in-game testing
  • Start the first round of invitation testing of the game (Windows version)
  • List the KEPL Token on Dexs
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