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KeplerHomes Important Update Announcement:

KeplerHomes mmoRPG is an mmoPRG game developed by KeplerHomes from the second half of 2021. In the process, we invested significant art production and hard work in game code writing. As of 2023, we have launched a total of 5 internal beta versions of the game. In terms of gameplay and design, we have been pursuing content that gives users the highest satisfaction.

In early 2023, with the advent of OpenAI. People are deeply aware that AI is the most important trend in future productivity and content creation and production methods. The KeplerHomes team was also deeply shocked by the creative efficiency of AI in learning AI. Especially with the birth of SORA in 2024, we are more certain of the creative changes of AI in game content.

One of the biggest investments in games, especially mmoRPG games, is game art content. Changes in content in the game content production process have a huge impact on the whole body. We realize that AI has huge advantages in reducing game art. The KeplerHomes team is currently actively exploring and trying AI in making games, and has made certain progress and gains.

After October 2023, cryptocurrency will obviously enter the bull market stage. The KeplerHomes team fully understands and understands the urgent needs of users looking forward to the launch of games and tokens. For this reason, we have made a carefully considered decision to focus the main direction of R&D and operations on Solana Chain.

The launch of xBot.bi gameplay is the first step of Kepler Token Listing. The gameplay and changes of xBot will also be very colorful.

KeplerLand will also be one of the most important application scenarios for Kepler Token in the follow-up to xBot gameplay.

KeplerHomes’ mmoPRG is making phased progress, and we will update the announcement in a timely manner.

Here, KeplerHomes' series of gameplay and RoadMap will also be adjusted and updated. We will sync information to Twitter, Discord and Docs.

When the cryptocurrency entered a bear market in 2022 and continued until 2024, the KeplerHomes team encountered numerous difficulties and challenges. "Don't give up, keep building the best mmoPRG game" is our belief in Build. Giving users the most exciting Web3 gaming experience is the goal and pursuit of the KeplerHomes team.

Thank you for your continued support to KeplerHomes. KeplerHomes and you will eventually achieve victory and applause. Fight for honor and continue to work hard for the long-term vision💪

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